Covid 19 information

The situation regarding the Coronavirus “COVID-19” has our full attention and we prioritize the safety of our customers and employees very high. We are monitoring updates and guidance from relevant authorities and health organisations in the countries where we operate very closely.

To ensure the safety of our passengers and crew we are taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus onboard Norröna. 

- Information posters focused on hygienic measures to prevent the spread of the virus based on the World Health Organisation guidelines.

- Increased the frequency of preventive cleaning and disinfection of “Hand Contact Point Hotspots” such as door handles, access touch pads and telephones.

- Increased possibilities for hand wash and disinfection placed in public areas to ensure good hand hygiene.

- Staff is instructed to stay at home if they experience any of the Covid-19 symtoms. Or if they within the last 14 days, before symptoms occurred, stayed in areas* that are affected with a widespread transmission of Covid-19.

- If a passenger arrives at the ship and shows symptoms of Coronavirus or have a fever, then they will be refused boarding.

In advance of any journey, we encourage all travellers to follow latest guidance from the national health authorities.

The following links take you to guidance in each of the markets in which Smyril Line operates:


Faroe Islands


Questionnaire for all guests

Questionnaire for all guests

All travelers with MS Norröna are required to fill out the following questionnaire.

Download Questionnaire

Dear passengers

MS Norröna cannot take any passengers onboard until the 16th of April 2020.

As for now MS Norröna will sail as scheduled on the 16th of April 2020

If you choose to change your trip, the following terms are valid:

If you have a planned trip before the 30th of April 2020 and want to change your trip, you will not be charged a change fee, however there may be a difference in price.

If you choose to cancel your trip, our general terms apply.

We urgently recommend you to contact your insurance company regarding changes and purchase of a new ticket.

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